An Idea Of Who I Am.

For Those Of You That Know Me, Most Of You Only Think You Do, Truth Is You're About To Meet Me For The First Time.

I Was Born In The Royal Month Of February In The Year Of 1992. Although, This Was A Time When Royalty Wasn't All That Glamorous. I Grew Up Living By The Rules and Codes Of The Hippy, Because The Hippy Life Is A Sacred Family Passing. When I Got A Little Older, My Friends And I Chose To Run Out Into Traffic At All Hours Of The Night With 3-D Glasses On, Just To Make The Cars Seem More Real. A Few Years Later I Decided To Become A Secret Agent, Just To Win A $50 Bet. After My $50 Victory, I Was Approached By A Rookie Agent, Jimmy Bondsman. He Begged Me To Teach Him Everything So That He Too Could Be A Great Agent. After Months Of Brutal Nonstop Training, Jimmy Bondsman Had Become The Best Agent In The Business. He Now Goes By The Name Of James Bond.

Now I Am Beginning My Journey To Find Knowledge And Wisdom Here At St. Stephen's University

You Have Probably Already Figured Out That I Am, Tyler White, The Most Interesting Man In The World.